Sixteenth century essays & studies

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- A bibliography of the works of Peter Martyr Vermigli: with a register of Vermigli's correspondance
- Calvinus sincerioris religionis vindex = Calvin as protector of the purer religion
- Civic agendas and religious passion: Châlons-sur-Marne during the French wars of religion, 1560 - 1594
- Germania illustrata: Essays on early modern Germany
- Habent sua fata libelli, or, Books habe their own destiny : Essays in Honor of Robert A. Schnucker
- History has many Voices
- Later Calvinism : International perspectives
- Later Calvinism: international perspectives
- Piety, politics, and ethics : Reformation studies in honor of George Wolfgang Forell
- Ramus and Reform: University and church at the end of the Renaissance
- Reformation and early Modern Europe : a guide to research
- Reforming French protestantism: The development of Huguenot ecclesiastical institutions, 1557 - 1572
- Religion and Culture in the Renaissance and Reformation
- Religion and royal justice in early modern France: The Paris Chambre de l'Edit, 1598 - 1665
- Religious differences in France: Past and present
- Sin and the Calvinists: morals control and the consistory in the Reformed tradition
- Subverting the system; D'Aubigné and Calvinism